25.04.2023/48/30 | XNUMX:XNUMX minutes | Presenters: Jan Engelmann and Thomas Erlbacher

What the Data Retention Webinar is about.

Presenting the webinar migRaven.24/7 Data Retention, an intelligent file server archiving solution that helps organizations effectively manage their data and reduce the growing proportion of obsolete and outdated data on their servers. The solution addresses the problemthat in many companies 70-80% of all data on the file server is older than 2 years and 99% of this data is never used again. This leads to a constantly growing amount of obsolete data and increased storage requirements.

A real-life example from a larger company illustrates the distribution of files by age and directory depth. It shows that new data is in the sixth directory level, while older data (1-4 years) is in the seventh and even older data (6-8 years) is in the fifth level. In practice, this leads to a confusing structure and makes it difficult for employees to search for relevant files.

Costs decrease, increase efficiency

migRaven.24/7 Data retention has the potential to reduce both IT costs to lower as also improve employee efficiency. On the IT side, storage costs can be reduced and backup strategies simplified by reducing storage requirements by 50-80%.

Loss of working time is minimized on the part of the specialist departments by reducing the number of obsolete files and folders. This makes it easier to find files and prevents errors that can arise from using outdated information.

Made for the user

The migRaven.24/7 Data retention solution is easy to use and allows employees from different departments to archive their data themselves and decide which information should be archived. Archived data remains accessible at all times via archive links, eliminating the fear of archiving or deleting data. Overall, the solution promotes more effective and efficient use of the remaining data and makes work easier for everyone involved.