migRaven.Analyzer: Analytics-first approach for file servers

10.01.2023/47/37 | XNUMX:XNUMX minutes | Presenters: Thomas Erlbacher, Jan Engelmann

Analytics-First approach: Well prepared for SharePoint migration, IAM introduction or auditing

An intelligent enterprise data management and migration strategy requires an analytics-first approach.

With the knowledge of which data is available in which classes and levels, you can make the right decisions - regardless of whether it is about the upcoming introduction of an IAM, a migration of data and authorizations or the auditing of a current authorization situation.

In the webinar, Thomas Erlbacher and Jan Engelmann show the most important functions of the migRaven.Analyzers and the benefits of using migRaven.24/7 has for your company.

  • Where is outdated data and how much storage space does it take up?
  • How many directories and files are there?
  • How much storage space does each file type use?
  • Who has what access rights and where?
  • Which users or groups are obsolete?
  • How many user, computer, and security groups are there in Active Directory?
  • Who is responsible for which data? (Data owner principle)