migRaven.24/7 Analyzer: Locate outdated data, identify incorrect authorizations, open up optimization potential.

14.06.2022/44/04 | XNUMX:XNUMX minutes | Presenters: Julia Holan, Thomas Erlbacher

migRaven.24/7 Analyzer

Old data doesn't just take up disk space. They are in structures with authorizations that require extensive maintenance. They make it difficult for your team to quickly access files that are really needed, slow down productivity, lead to redundancies and constantly increasing backup times. We therefore also refer to them as toxic data that damage the file system.

In the webinar, Julia Holan and Thomas Erlbacher show the most important functions of the migRaven.Analyzers and the benefits of using migRaven.24/7 has for your company.

  • Where is outdated data and how much storage space does it take up?
  • How many directories and files are there?
  • How much storage space does each file type use?
  • Who has what access rights and where?
  • Which users or groups are obsolete?
  • How many user, computer, and security groups are there in Active Directory?
  • Who is responsible for which data? (Data owner principle)