Expert webinars

    Enterprise Architect and CEO Thomas Gomell shows in the "hybrid" webinar on specific practical topics
    30 minutes of expertise + 30 minutes of live demo (optional)

    Data Management in Action: 5 Signs You Have a File Management Problem
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    migRaven.24/7 Product webinars

    We present for our end customers and Partner our software at regular intervals migRaven.24/7 and set different priorities.

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    In our webinars we show you how to implement your special requirements with the products from the migRaven family. From the analysis of the initial situation on the file server to the restructuring of data and authorizations to the introduction of data and rights management.

    Webinar agendas

    migRaven.24/7 Product webinars (regular)
    Presentation, live demo and Q&A with Karsten Morschett, Partnermanagement migRaven GmbH

    Huge amounts of files pile up on the file servers in companies, most of which are no longer needed and thus obscure the view of the productive data actually required. migRaven.24/7 It was developed to make working with the file server more comfortable, more efficient and more secure. For this purpose, the software currently offers functions for analyzing the data structure, for the user-controlled reduction of the data volume and for secure, internal file sharing.

    Course of the webinars

    In our migRaven.24/7 We conduct product webinars for you live through our software, show you the three functions mentioned above in the first part and then set different priorities. This can be user-relevant topics (e.g. moving obsolete data to the AWS Cloud) as well as admin-specific topics (e.g. basic configuration of migRaven.24/7) or about expert knowledge (e.g. strategy of a good file storage on file servers). The webinars are rounded off with information on free trials, license models and the answers to your questions.

    Duration: approx. 30 - 60 minutes; Speakers: Karsten Morschett / Jan Engelmann, Partnermanagement.

    Expert webinar "Data Management in Practice"
    June 08.06th, with Thomas Gomell  (CEO / Enterprise Architect)

    “The IT industry doesn't have a storage problem, it has a data management problem.” The continuously growing amount of company data is not only a challenge for IT departments. One thing is clear: the mountain of data problem cannot be solved with more storage space.

    In the "hybrid" expert webinar, Thomas Gomell shows in the first part (30 min) the steps with which intelligent data management can get your company data under control and how you can save costs in many ways.

    Then you can see how (if you are interested) in a live demo migRaven.24/7 It supports you in introducing a modern and cost-saving file storage system on your file server quickly and easily.

    Duration: 30 minutes of expertise + 30 minutes of live demo;
    Speakers: Thomas Gomell (CEO / Enterprise Architect), Karsten Morschett (Partnermanagement)