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Digitalization requires companies to have working data management. Storage costs are no longer the driver. It's all about data availability, efficiency and security when dealing with dramatically increasing amounts of data. Get started with user-centered data management with migRaven.

Value retention of the data

Efficiently working with data increases their value for the company.

In return, data is worthless if it can not be accessed. We increase the value of yours Data by using them for the Make the right employee available in the right place. The automated approach of migRaven forms the basis for successful and secure data management.

With the migRaven product family, the right people get access to the right data.

Employees should only have access to the resources they really need. By classifying, evaluating, restructuring, sorting, and authorizing the data mount, you regain control and increase the effective value of your business data.

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Data security

There's still a "store all" mentality in many companies. But the data mountain is growing.

And with it the danger grows that wrong access rights fundamentally compromise the security of your data. That information security costs are likely to be obvious. But in case of doubt, security incidents such as data theft and sabotage are much more serious.

The consequences are incalculable and can be a threat to the entire company.

We can not promise 100% security either. But we can give you back control over all access permissions, making a significant contribution to improving your data security.
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Documentation and traceability

Data and legal structures must be transparent, changes must be comprehensible.

As a control body for auditing, administration, management, legislators and data protection officers, the seamless logging of access rights and the personalized documentation of changes to these take on a special position.

Always knowing who can effectively access which resources and who has granted this right is the foundation of privacy and security.

Incorrect permissions are virtually never found without this information. The gain in knowledge is therefore enormous and makes - if used correctly - a continuous further development of your data and rights management processes possible.
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Data Protection & Privacy

With the entry into force of the EU GDPR, a new security concept will be introduced in data protection.

From now on, the 4 classic protection goals of IT security - availability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity - will come to the fore.

The demand for data security is increased and made comparable by standards.

At the same time threatened in data protection violations in the future significantly higher fines for companies.

In the future, companies will have to know a lot more about where which data lies and which employees can access which data. We ensure that - with data and authorization management.
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Workflows create consistency in complex IT environments.

Errors in the form of massive overrides happen quickly - but they are hard to find and harder to fix. At the same time, in every company the volume of data in the production system is steadily increasing. Directory structures become more complex, and redundant and obsolete files become more frequent.

Without processes, the administration quickly gets out of balance.

Do not become processes for regular cleanup of data and structures Are defined, After only a few years, these are already 70% and more outdated, redundant and obsolete. Each employee is created so fast tens of thousands of files, most of which are no longer needed.
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