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migRaven.24/7 desktop
turns your file server into a real team player.

From now on migRaven.24/7 delivered with the desktop client, which provides a completely new user interface. Every user has direct access to the migRaven myFolders.

migRaven myFolders contains the individual relevant directories for each user

Here the user can find all the directories that were created with migRaven.247 Folder Service and to which he has access. Regardless of the server or directory on which the directories and data are actually located: Every directory to which the user has received access rights from colleagues via the migRaven Folder Service appears here automatically.

myFolders thus offers the fastest possible access to the directories and data. With which the user works regularly.

With the installation of the migRaven.24/7 Desktop Clients also extends the context menu of the file explorer and becomes a control center for better and faster collaboration:

- Create folder, assign runtime and permissions,
- edit folder afterwards,
- Delete folder.

migRaven.24/7 makes working with the file server pleasant, efficient and secure again
Business software for user-driven data governance

With migRaven.24/7 Introduce a holistic data management concept that reduces the amount of data in the long term, increases transparency for users and IT, and thereby reduces the administrative costs of the data and the security risk.

  • Employees can finally find what they are looking for and save up to 20 days a year.
  • The migRaven.24/7 Exit strategy for unstructured data reduces the number of documents with the approval of the departments. The value of the data is sustainably increased - the file service is becoming more attractive again.
  • migRaven.24/7 Folder Self Service for secure exchange folders reduces the administrative workload of the IT department and frees your specialists from time-consuming routine tasks.
  • migRaven.24/7 Use with AWS cloud and thereby optimize the effort and costs for backup systems.

In 5 minutes explained: That's how it helps you migRaven.24/7 to end the data chaos.

migRaven.24/7 terminates the data chaos on the file server
70% less data - 100% more insight

First-level archiving with the Function "Data Retention" gives priority to the user and their requirements Archiving without neglecting the interests of the IT department.

With the in migRaven.24/7 The implemented concept of the data owner is responsible for the first sorting of the data to the specialist departments. With an easy-to-use web interface, the file owners in assigned folders or shares of the file system can remove the data and directories that are no longer required according to individual rules or ad hoc and without risk.

User-driven exit strategy for your data with data retention

  • All without separation pain: Up to 70% less productive data
  • Fully in existing archiving concepts integrable
  • Find instead of search: Overview and efficiency when working with the file server
  • Integration of the specialist departments in the Data Governance Strategy of your company
  • Lower storage costs as with classic and HSM archiving PLUS Save working time

Folder Self Service Secure exchange directories with migRaven.24/7 create and manage yourself

The Function Folder Self Service addresses an actually simple but often time-consuming IT problem in practice: Users must share and exchange data flexibly and securely. The file server does not offer a satisfactory solution for this out-of-the-box.

Folder Self Service is user-centered data governance
About appropriate templates in migRaven.24/7 Web interface employees can independently
create new directories and use them immediately.

Transparency through analysis toolsWith migRaven.24/7 Find data mountains and determine data owners

Anyone who wants to get an overview or just an overview of the data as an administrator or data owner (data owner) will not get on with the on-board resources provided by the operating system. But transparency is absolutely necessary in order to understand data structures and, in the end, to restructure them. With the analysis tools of migRaven.24/7 It shows where the outdated data lies, who is responsible for which data and how complex the data structure is.

Digitalization requires companies to have working data management. Storage costs are no longer the driver. It's about data availability, which means efficiency and security when dealing with dramatically increasing amounts of data. Join us now migRaven.24/7 into user-centered data management.